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Since 1965 Keynsham & Saltford Local History has published a great deal of information based on research carried out by its members.
Much of the information has appeared in the Society's Journal which has been published, usually annually, since 1987.
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Series 2 - Volume 9 - 2009

A Rose by any other name (Origins of the name of Keynsham)
The Bells, The Bells (St John's Church, Keynsham)
Down the Drain
Inns & Alehouses
A Tribute to Gordon Tarrant
Series 2 - Volume 10 - 2010

A special souvenir edition based on the Society's exhibition
'Remembering Somerdale' and outlining the history of
chocolate making in Keynsham since the 1920's.
Series 2 - Volume 11 - 2011

Recent Happenings
Keynsham's link with the Duke of Chandos
The Veales of Keynsham
Two Giants of Keynsham Rugby Club (Dennis Cockbaine and
Peter Scarman)
A Brief History of Allotments
Some Memories of Saltford Primary School in Wartime
Goodbyes (memories of John Shore and Mary Lanning)
Series 2 - Volume 12 - 2012

The Changing Face of Keynsham
My Time with Dad's Army
War Time Memories of Rockhill
Pipley Brook in the 1920's
A Keynsham Man and his Silver Cup
Keynsham's Coronation Celebrations 1953
Robert Cantle - A Mystery
Series 2 - Volume 13 - 2013

The Keynsham By-pass
Looking Back, Some Thoughts on Old Keynsham
Mrs Blanche Wilks, Ambulance Driver
Out and About with Celia Fiennes
A Mystery at Keynsham
Barbara Lowe
Series 2 - Volume 14 - 2014

Part 1 The Recruitment 1914-1915
The Fate of Local Men
The Keynsham Volunteers
The Sacrifice of the Men of Saltford village
Part 2 The Saltford Regatta 1914
Keynsham & Saltford Horticultural Society 1914-1919
Some Soldiers’ Stories
The Baker Boys
James Brookman Godfrey
Victory at Last
Series 2 - Volume 15 - 2015

K & S Local History Society’s 50th Anniversary
My Wartime Childhood
Edwin Fray
Keynsham Football Club
Some People have all the Luck
The Record under the Stairs
Keynsham and its Scouts 1909 - 1974
The Horse Thieves of Keynsham
Series 2 - Volume 16 - 2016

A Keynsham Tragedy
The Making of 'Son et Lumiere' in 1970
The Charlton Cinema
My Wartime Childhood Part 2
Ancient Happenings in Our Twin Town
The Victoria Fountain
An Article from the Past - Tarpaulin Joe
The Closure of the Keynsham Fire Station
The Keynsham Coffee Tavern
No Longer with Us
Series 1 - Volume 1 - 1987

Ammonites and their Strange Religious Associations
Burnett Memories
Was Keynsham Trajectus?
West Wansdyke Survey
Section of ditch of Wansdyke
Somerdale Museum
Archives additions
Manor Woods Roman Site
Local Publications
Series 1 - Volume 2 - 1988

Jasper Tudor
Jasper Tudor's Will
Jasper Tudor's Tomb
Mary Fairclough Remembers
Public Library Services in Keynsham area
Obituary: Frank Millard
Series 1 - Volume 3 - 1990

Village Childhood (Keynsham)
Recollections of the Good (?) Old Days
Friendly Societies
Doctors Fox of Brislington House
The J N Fear Institute
Series 1 - Volume 4 - 1992

Stanton Prior, part 1
The Doctors Harrison
Memories of Keynsham
Postscripts to the Good Old Days
Tales my Father Told Me
Demolition Discoveries
Roman Remains at Saltford
Series 1 - Volume 5 - 1993

Stanton Prior, part 2
A Miner at Pensford nearly 80 years ago
Hic Jacet
Series 1 - Volume 6 - 1994

Memories of Upton Cheney
The "Slipper Well", Temple Street
Woad and Woadmen in Keynsham
When I Was Six
Keynsham Cemetery
Local Archaeological Work
Series 1 - Volume 7 - 1995

Demise of Keynsham's Great House
Sad Story of Annie Mortimer
God's Acre
Keynsham Cemetery Bier
Trades and Tradesmen in Bygone Days
More Hot Air
Series 1 - Volume 8 - 1996

Memories of a Farming Life
The Common Meadows of Keynsham
Keynsham Great Park
Tale of Two Farms
Series 1 - Volume 9 - 1997

Memories of Queen Charlton
K&SLHS Library List
Series 1 - Volume 10 - 1998

Domestic Accounts of a Keynsham Housewife
Memories of Park House Farm
Memoirs (Percy Baker)
Series 1 - Volume 11 - 1999

Charitable Establishments
History of Milward Homes and Keynsham Charities
Keynsham and its Poor Houses
The Bridges' Almshouses
The Feoffees of Keynsham
Series 1 - Volume 12 - 2000

Two Vicars and a Deacon
Keynsham Heritage 2000
Mary Fairclough - a Memoir
Series 2 - Volume 1 - 2001

Saltford Regatta
Letter from Australia
Paper Mill Apprenticeship
Teaching the Three R's
Letter from King George VI, 1946
Series 2 - Volume 2 - 2002

Crime and Punishment
Royal British Legion - Keynsham Branch
Keynsham Gas Works
Fire and Water
Mary Fairclough's talk to Rotary about our environment
Series 2 - Volume 3 - 2003

The Lamb & Lark Hotel
Saltford Reminiscences
A Saltford Childhood
Greenhill Farm
The Haringtons of Kelston
Obituaries - Mrs Susan James, Mr Eric Linfield and Mr Chris Wiggins
Series 2 - Volume 4 - 2004

The Keynsham Flower Show
Mr & Mrs Wiltshire
War over Saltford
Queen Charlton Chapel
Hanham Walkabout
Bits & Pieces
Series 2 - Volume 5 - 2005

Keynsham & Saltford LHS - The Early Years 1965-1967
A Keynsham Man at Trafalgar
Children in Keynsham Workhouse
Rookehill, Rockhill, Rookhill
Neighbourhood Watch - 19th Century Style
The Reverend Stephen Wells
Bits & Pieces (Bygone Buildings and Events)
Series 2 - Volume 6 - 2006

St Augustine's Medical Practice
Arnos Vale Cemetery
Royal Victoria Park
A Grand Day Out - 1920’s Style
Basic Education in 1920's
A Village Shop in 1925
Something You May Not Know (Local Firms in the Second World War)
Series 2 - Volume 7 - 2007

A District Nurse in the 1920's
Keep Them Clear
Keynsham in War Time
Stoke Hill Mine
Obituary - Trevor Whitehead
Book Review - Roman Mosaics of Britain Vol 11, Local Books
Series 2 - Volume 8 -2008

Two Chappell families of Keynsham
James Pemberton (1847-1905)
The Exons of Keynsham
Commuting 1930's Fashion
Obituary - Charles Browne